Mistress tease is a professional tease mistress with years of experience. She will take your pleasures and desires, lock them away and use them when she pleases. Mistress tease has no mercy. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants when she wants. She will trap you in her web.....

mistress tease

No little orgasms without my permission, slave boy!  I am going to Tease & deny your little cock, control every orgasm and own you from now on.

I am one of the greatest cock teases you will ever come across! I always get what I want
, when I want no questions asked. In my presence YOU will bow to me, kiss my feet and beg to be my slave.
I love to use my power to control YOU men. I love to use and abuse YOU men to my enjoyment.  We women are the superior gender and you boys were placed here to please us and serve us.  Please and Serve me is exactly what YOU will do. You better appreciate even being able to see a picture of your new Mistress Tease. Men like YOU are easy to control. All I do is take ownership of that little bone in between your legs and you become mine.

I love to control men like YOU. I do it for the pleasure! Knowing that I have full control over every release really turns me on. I toy with you, use you, abuse you, and chain you up for enjoyment in the future. Knowing that YOU are thinking of me when you are with your wife, or girlfriend makes my day! You can't even wake up in the morning without thinking of me! I control you, own you and I let you release when I feel the time is right. All you need is one soft stroke with my silky hand and you are under my control!

My main focus is teasing and denial, orgasm control & chastity, foot worship and foot slavery, spanking, forced bi, verbal abuse and humiliation, financial slavery, panty worship and facesitting.  But, all you have to remember is that you exist to SERVE, PLEASE and AMUSE ME.
Be sure you approach your Mistress with respect and you just may be lucky enough to be granted a one time release.

Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It


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